Day 1

After being inspired by Ryan Dixon I decided that I would update you on what my training looks like, good or bad i will be honest!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 1

So Tri season has ended.  I feel quite lost although I was certainly ready to have some long sleeps in Sundays!  I have yet to have one as I have become quite used to getting up!  I feel scared that I will lose my conditioning, we worked so hard this year, I am sure all my club feels the same way.  I started to get up early so I can catch a quick run in as I know work will not allow me anytime, far too much to do.  I teach around 12 classes per week but most of them have nothing to do with improving my training.  My next plan is a 10k on 24th October, 5k 30th October, Ghost of Seattle 1/2 (but I think that could be the same day as 5k) and 1/2 marathon in Las Vegas (did it last year and packed my bikini, it was 30 degrees no joke!)

It has taken me a year but finally I love running.  I realized as I did my Triathlons that it was the only activity that felt natural to me.  I am proof that commitment and hard work will pay off.  Now I adore and crave the runs!  I hate days that I cant get out!

Tomorrow I plan on teaching Spin, core training and trying (I may not be able to) to get some sprint training in.  This would be on a track, 400 meters or less with recovery.  I will let you know how it goes. 

Just so you know, some days will be boring so I wont waste your time......  hope you enjoy my updates!

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  1. Brilliant blog! Cant wait to see it full of updates stories of your races!