Day 1

After being inspired by Ryan Dixon I decided that I would update you on what my training looks like, good or bad i will be honest!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 2

I am totally thrilled today!  I was trying to get home to Scotland for the last 2 weeks and missed my opportunity for cheap flights, well today they appeared again and I booked quickly!  I then went on Scottish Parks and registered for a wee 5k.  I hope my pals all come do this with me.  I dont do too many 5ks lately.  My goal is to finally conquer the 21 minute mark, I am 1 second away!  1 second sounds ridiculous but it is huge!  So, I will work on some speed training so I can impress my friends and family.  They have not seen me run yet.  I cant wait!  I am sure I will also have time to run up Dumyat, our local "hill", then roll all the way down to my pal Morags house for wine/coffee/tea!  The problem I have in Scotland is it is very hard to convince everyone/anyone to do anything like this with me.  I can make an American do whatever I want, lol.  Fingers crossed, maybe I have given them enough notice!

So, heading to work shortly.  I am trying to figure out how to fit in Swimming into my routine.  It is not that it hurts, it the drying hair thing, just makes me not want to bother.  Anyone sympathize, ok men shut up!  Once I find a method to shorten the whole swim prep/finish time I will pass on my skills.

Today, the plan is teaching Spin, Core Training, Sprints.  I will let you know how it goes.

Remember, nothing is too small when you are exercising, you can kick your own arse for 20 minutes, dont worry about working out for hours, start small......


  1. Funny, I never seem to have a problem getting my hair to dry...