Day 1

After being inspired by Ryan Dixon I decided that I would update you on what my training looks like, good or bad i will be honest!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 3

I managed to head to the soccer field yesterday and do some sprint training.  Let me just say, I was a sprinter!  Now, I am not so sure.  I wanted to puke the whole time, couldnt catch my breath, Ryan, Maurice and Kendall (who by the way cant sprint) all whipped my butt!  Ok, I must say I was giving Ryan a run for his money by the 6th sprint.  What was so excellent about the training was we were done in 30 minutes, and we couldnt have done another lap.  I will let you know how my legs feel today but they were like jelly, so shaky. The intention is to train this way at least every Tuesday.  I am very excited to do it again, cant be worse than the first time right?

No training today, although as I sit here staring out the window it is consuming me.  I want to go for a run but the reality is it is still dark and if I wait then I wont be back in time to organize the kids!  I have to work till 7pm tonight so there is my day.  Who knows I could jump up and get out there and do a 5k before anyone notices...... but doubtful, again I will let you know!

I have a 5k in Las Vegas this Saturday, Im really excited cause I will be all alone (well probably surrounded by thousands) and no stress of beating anyone except myself.  My internal goal is breaking 21 minutes (I am currently at 21.01 but havent done that this year yet) phew, I feel sick just thinking about it!  lol.

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  1. "and Kendall (who by the way cant sprint)" Oh the truth hurts, especially in print. Think I will slink back to plodding along in the mud on the trails.