Day 1

After being inspired by Ryan Dixon I decided that I would update you on what my training looks like, good or bad i will be honest!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 4ish?

4am, Friday morning....  Getting ready to catch flight to Vegas.  I have managed to find a 5k race on Saturday morning, that will prevent me from playing too hard on Friday night, or willl it...  I have not been training for 5ks this year as I had increased my distance to 10ks and up.  So, I went running on Wednesday night and I was ill.  I mean I couldnt remember what speed to to so I was up and down the whole time.  I couldnt get my groove on at all, and the speed was killing me.  So, my goal of breaking 21 minutes may be a few months away, its still there but Im not ready to do that this weekend.  I will do my best to be under 21.10, yeah, I can do that!

ps, my legs still hurt from the sprints on Tuesday.  Note:  if you want to feel your hamstrings do sprints!  Absolutely amazing!

See you all on Tuesday, wish me luck for the run and of course the penny slots!

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