Day 1

After being inspired by Ryan Dixon I decided that I would update you on what my training looks like, good or bad i will be honest!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Finally!  44 minutes for my 10k.  I am beginning to place a little better in the women rankings but still have a long way to go.  The Husky Dash was very fun, cold and wet, but fun.  I managed to get myself bundled up with the 5k and nearly took a wrong turning but managed to get back on track.  Of course, then I wanted to puke cause of the extra effort, lol.  I place 3rd in age and 9th woman overall.  I was actually 87th finisher, not so many men beating me anymore, that feels better than anything! 

I have the Monroe 5k this Saturday.  I won the woman overall last year.  Its a bit scary to enter a race and everyone knows you won it last year, they are all ready to whip my buttocks, but I still got some drive... lets see what I can do.

Managed to set up our Sunday trainings to begin in December, that will be 2 months earlier than last year!  I am so ready!

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